“Sitting on my coffee table is a beautiful and great inspirational book 'ALL IS WELL - YOU ARE LOVED: Thoughts for Mary' edited by Anjela Dale. I received this gift from Anjela during a difficult and challenging time in my life. It has touched me and encourages me daily.

Each day, I now open the book and see a beautiful poster with an inspirational thought. I use this image and thought to guide my meditation for the focus of my day. I hold the image in my mind when my thoughts start to spin with all the 'what ifs'.

The color and artistry of this book is magical - much like listening to beautiful music, seeing and hearing the beauty of nature, or experiencing the warmth and safety of friends and family. The inspirational quotes and posters are so healing in a very deep and uplifting way.

Thank you, Anjela, for your precious gift. I pay great respect, appreciation and awe at your amazing talents and spirit. You and your book have been and will continue to be my daily source of comfort and reassurance that 'All is well - You are loved'”
—Mary Nessett

PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL (see below) OR PHONE 610-751-3932, Monday - Friday 8 am- 5 pm Pacific Time, to discuss details of your Gift Book.

Turning my collection of posters into MAC books has been one of the true pleasures of recent times. To have special images all in one place that are easy to share has been great fun as I have travelled and connected with friends around the country.

Let me create for you a special – one of a kind – gift book using Inspirational Posters from this website and/or personal photos from your collection. Perfect for birthdays, graduations, and many other events, these books can be filled with words and images that evoke caring, celebration and congratulations.