“Anjela is a unique artist having the highest talent in placing messages of inspiration and challenge in a matching artistic format. Recently many of her artistic small magnets were sent to Japan from American friends to express their compassion during the tsunami hard times. I bought a specific saying for each member of a university class, giving them an affirmation they felt were perfect. I encourage others to find creative ways to use Anjela's art work to make a difference in someone's life, family, work or world.”
—Dr. JoAnn Cannon

A lifelong love of quotes has led me to collect daily messages that I subscribe to over the internet.Those collections provide the initial spark for creating a new poster. I have long been a follower of the words and works of Esther and Jerry Hicks and their teachings of Abraham. Several years ago I discovered TUT’s “Notes From The Universe.” More recently I joined Mary Manin Morrissey’s Daily Dream Builder’s group, and then found other inspiring teachers. These sources of New Thought provide the framework of words that I work from.

Being a visual learner, I was inspired to make these words into a picture so the text would have more impact on my memory. On any given day as I read over the pages of quotes a new set of words will catch my attention and begin the process of turning words into pictures. The next step is locating art that exemplifies the meaning of the words. And finally the setting of the type – finding the fonts that best showcase the words in a pictorial setting.

Using this method of digital collage I hope to turn the original words into something more – a visual inspiration!